Byron's Isaac Dearborn (6) leads the team out before a football game against Kasson-Mantorville  in Byron, Minnesota.

Lourdes’ Sydney Elliott returns  the ball during a No. 1 doubles match against Stewartville in Rochester. 

MSHSL official Tristan Severson, center, throws a coin while Byron and Faribault observe before a football game  at Byron Middle School in Byron. 

Thomas Robertson, 12, and his dad Gordon of Rochester observe during a “Just Peace" gathering in support of Ukraine at the Peace Plaza in Rochester. “We haven’t done anything but watch the news. We thought it would be nice to come out and show some support,” Gordon Robertson said. 

Julie Grethen, left, and Ann Vail sunbathe at Soldiers Field Swimming Pool in Rochester, Minnesota. The pair met at the pool when they were kids. 

Queanesther Handley of Chicago, shares an ice cream cone with her great-granddaughter Taliya Brown, 2, of Rochester during the Olmsted County Fair at Graham Park in Rochester, Minnesota.

Jeb  Taylor, a local knife maker at his studio in Rochester. "Last year wasn't a good year for the fancy knife world, and recognizably so," he said. "In my heart, I recognize that I make 'wants,' not 'needs.' ... But I'm pretty excited, I've got some good momentum in the butcher knife world."

Chatfield’s Cole Johnson (2) makes a catch for a touchdown during the Class AA Quarterfinal football game against Blue Earth at Mayo High School in Rochester. 

Chatfield's Jake Brogran cheers during a Class AA State Football Quarterfinal against Minneapolis North at Mayo High School in Rochester, Minnesota.

A Spring Valley Resident waves through their window as Carr’s Clubhouse daycare visits with residents through the windows during their lockdown to help stop the spread of COVID-19  at the center in Spring Valley, Minnesota. The home has been on lockdown since the second week in March, restricting all visitors as well as minimizing their social contact with each other. 

Kimber Zimmer, 3, waves goodbye to Spring Valley Resident Maxine Jahn while visiting the residents through the windows during their lockdown to help stop the spread of COVID-19 at the center in Spring Valley, Minnesota. “It was joyful, brought me to tears just to see the residents smiling,” Carr’s Clubhouse director said, “It was heartwarming all around.” 

President Donald Trump departs after speaking at a “Make America Great Again” rally at Rochester International Airport in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Kaliah Harden, 11, pleads that no more Black lives are lost to police brutality during a Power to the People rally honoring the lives lost in Rochester, Minnesota. "When I speak, I speak for all the children around the world. We want to live," Kaliah said. "They want to feel equal. Sometimes people can't even walk in a store without someone saying in their mind, 'Oh, they're going to steal.' We're good people."

Faith Apel, a teacher at Mayo High School, updates grades for her students as her son Beau, 8, goofs around under the bed at their home in Rochester. Beau typically gets special education services at school for reading and writing. With the pandemic, everything has fallen on Faith’s shoulders. “I definitely think there’s an academic cost; I think his special ed teacher was able to provide him with support that I don’t know, necessarily, how to do,” Apel said. “He pretty much needs to be one-on-one all the time because he gets so frustrated.” 

Emma Kastner, 8, of Rochester, checks out the view from inside Engine 12 during an open house during fire prevention week at Fire Station 1 in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Clayton Sickbert, 8, of Holland, relaxes in a cattle trough while Mark McAninch, 9, of St. Henry, and his brother, Gus, 5, watch from inside the beef barn at the Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds in Bretzville, Indiana. Mark and Gus then joined Clayton in the trough, the boys calling it their "Cowboy Jacuzzi," after a friend, Jacob Tempel, 10, called it such.

Spencer County Sheriff, Kelli Reinke works alongside other area officers in an active-shooting training simulation in an abandoned building in St. Meinrad, Indiana. Reinke, the first elected female sheriff in Spencer County, has had to overcome stereotypes about females being capable and competent within the police force. "There's still some people that feel women don't belong in this profession.  I had this older guy say, 'Well Missy, what do you want to do something so dangerous for?' I tried to explain to him that I've been out working [in the police force] for 16 years already. All you can do is do your job, and however they see you, they see you," Reinke said. 

Grace Alexander, 3, of Huntingburg, runs around in circles during the beginning of recess at Holland elementary school in Holland, Indiana. Grace has nystagmus — a vision impairment also known as “dancing eyes.” It affects her depth perception, making crowded areas — like a playground — feel chaotic and stressful.

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